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Strength of An Angel

Strength of An Angel

Surviving an abusive relationship takes strength. Moving on with your life takes courage. Helping others find their own ways out takes an angel.

Meet Sabrina Rodriguez. Strong enough to not be conquered by verbal abuse, and brave enough to not lose faith after losing loved ones to the hands of physical abuse.

For the past 3 years, Rodriguez has been involved with Shelter’s Right Hand – an auxiliary group that raises funds through an annual 5K Run and Thrift Store boutique to support a safe haven called The Women’s and Children’s Crisis Shelter (WCCS).

Helping women at the shelter take baby steps to find themselves again—or move toward who they want to become is a big part of Rodriguez’s personal goals. As is erasing the stigma of domestic verbal and physical abuse.

“Holding another woman’s hand and showing her she isn’t alone in this world is a valuable reminder that you aren’t either.”

For every new boarder at a local shelter, Rodriguez delivers a special box of “empowerment” goodies to help them know a better life is around the corner. One item she always includes is a new journal, as this was a source of comfort and guidance through her own dark times.

“Journaling helped me feel grateful and gave me hope of what was to come.”

Rodriguez also used running to regain mental and physical strength—finding her way back to herself through 6 half-marathons. She is a source of light and inspiration for women escaping domestic abuse--a thriving example to those struggling through similar circumstances that there is a way out.


If you or someone you know is living under the threat of domestic abuse, help is available through a local shelter like WCCS. For more information, to volunteer, or make a donation, please go to or